Friday, October 12, 2012

Paris on the list

When my duaghter got home from school she didn't say much.
Some rather nasty cold is troubling us, and she too had the symptoms.

So it took her a while to put her things away, hang her coat etc etc.

Then she came to me and told me with a very happy face that she's going to Paris after all.

It's not all fun and happiness, because she'll arrive at home at her birthday.
But I'm sure her classmates will make the morning very special.

I;m glad the school finally took some responsibility.
It would have been a disaster to ket part of the group go on the trip and leave the others at school, doing some silly assignments to keep them bussy.

I'm off the bed.
The flu has caught me in a bad way. The headaches are the worst.

Stay healthy!


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