Saturday, October 6, 2012

Outfits for babygirls

Just another month and the girls will be celebrating their birthday.

I remember when I brought them home from hospital.
It was a very joyous event.

At the hospital the nurses prepared a room for us so we could have all the time of the world to show the girls to the boys before we would take them home.
I was touched by so much understanding for the autism of my sons.

I dressed the babies in a special outfit and then showed them to the nurses before saying our goodbyes.

They were very impressed by the take me home outfits for girls, and said more parents should care as much for their babies.

This was almost 17 years ago.
Now parents can order lovely babywear online, even with an embroidered name.
Each baby can be introduced at home in lovely clothes.
So that's one more reason to remember that precious moment.



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