Saturday, October 6, 2012

Only the best

I don't know what's going on, but these past weeks we've been talking about mountaineering a lot.

On top of that a friend arrived in town yesterday to buy climbing equipment at a local shop. They provide the best materials, which is very important because he climbs the highest tops.
He went there with my son, so he had someone to help him after purchasing everything he needed.
He ordered me to check if the MSR evo ascent snowshoes were still available at the shop online.
He was lucky. They had the kind he wanted and they would send him the last pair.

Buying all the equipment for an expedition is fun, but also generating a lot of stress.
The challenge becomes clear. There are so many riscs.

A bit more than a week ago an avalanche came down on basecamp 1 of the Mount Everest.
Nature changes a lot. A place that looks a certain way will look different a few days later.

Those snowshoes are a good preparation and they might even save a life in due time,
So I feel happy he's almost readt.



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