Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012

Yesterday the weather was wonderful, today it's complete horror.
One way or another nature has decided it's autumn and it's showing it in all it's aspects.

Autumn is the season I don't like.
The decay of the trees, the brownign of the world.
Oh, I love the smells, I love the chestnuts, and I really appreciate the colours.
They help me to keep positive as long as I guide my attention to them.

So for me autumn is one big exercise to keep positive.

But the longing for wintersnow and springgreen slips in, slowly but steadily.
It creates a kind of melancholia that remembers of yellow photographs.
Because it's a repetition of the years before it's familiar, kind of sweet.
It's not depressing, but it makes one change the house from open to the world to a nice cosy place to sink in the couch and have a warm woolen sjawl around you.

My dream of moving so Scotland involves that very special feeling.
How I would love to have one of those cottages that can be found near Oban, for instance. Small, white, with thick walls and windows almost hidden in the walls to keep the storms out and the warmth in.

October came fast this year.
Maybe because the summer was kind of bland and september suddenly looked like summer.
We could have done with a few weeks more of sun and warmth.
But it's almost time to fetch the wintercoats.

So let's watch the leaves fall.


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