Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last week I saw a video at a satirical TV show about a women's talkshow I used to watch.
I don't have the time anymore to spend in front of the TV during the day, so I've outgrown it.
It was nice to see part of the show again, but I could understand it was broadcasted at a satirical show, because the women, even the hosts, were all talking at the same time. And one of the hosts answered the questions she herself asked the guest!

I thought it was a one time violation against everything on TV, so when i had the opportunity this morning to watch the show I took a cup of coffee and sat down.

Not long.
I was appalled by the low level of conversation.
The women around the table delivered nothing more than what I hear on the bus when I go to work.
And the chaos was not a one time occassion, but something that's a structural problem of the show. I couldn't even follow what those 6 women were saying because they all started to shout.

I don't often comment on shows, but this time I felt I needed to comment on it.
Imagine being old and with such hearingproblems that one can't discriminate between voices!

Afterwards I switched to the BBC and was even more amazed about the quality of their shows. What a difference!


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