Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New governmental plans

Today the two parties who want to form the new government presented their plans.

In The Netherlands we've got a multiparty system.
The elections involve the choice of one person in one party.
The parties that gain the most votes have the opportunity to make plans for a new government. The persons in that party who receive the most votes get a seat in the parliament.

The election campaigns are less negative than in America, but this year manipulation of the voter was enormous.
"Vote for Rutte when you don't want left to win, vote for Samson when you don't want a rightwing government."

The result was that the two parties rose to high levels and that people afterwards had the scare of their lives, because they saw the two leaders stick their heads together in a back room and didn't involve anyone in their plans.

Only during the last stage of negotiating they talked with employee's representatives, etc..

Today they presented their plans.

I don't know what's going to happen with my family but I think we'll bleed euro's a lot.

Pray I won't loose my husband. I have to find work within 3 months otherwise they'll give me a zero income.
No special support will be given to my autistic son. There's no need to move on with getting care, because he won't get it.
Rent will go up. No rising income.
We need to pay for schoolbooks again.
Etc etc.

U think the next time will be terrible.



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