Saturday, October 27, 2012

Living near the ocean

Moving to a better pace to live becomes more and more a reality in my mind.
It's not a dream anymore; it's a reality that needs to be created and become true.

Even now money is a real issue and lack of it might prevent realisation of the plans for the future my mind goes over and over the possibilities and opportunities.

One of my friends lives in aocean isle nc real estate. She's very happy with her home near the beach.
During the summer she enjoys the free concerts that are given to please the tourists and during the winter she enjoys the quiet and the ocean itself.
Living there means she's able to enjoy the small community and it's social life. Being among people of the same age never appealed to her, but now she enoys it very much,
maybe because advanced age needs recognition and care.

I always imagine my future home to be a small cottage with thick white walls, standing proud in the storms. She shared my dream, but now lives in a light, modern home, with wonderful views.
It makes me curious about my own future.



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