Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It's fun to see history repeat itself.
The last one of my kids wants to cook meals.

She had some basic lessons at nursing school.
Fun thing is that she learned to cook at home already, but she never cared for cooking for others.

The more social motivation comes from the experience at school, where they need to cook for good results and need to share the creations with others.

She managed to make a decent dish of spaghetti with sauce.
She was very proud and we liked it.

Interesting is though, that she's able to cook far more complicated meals, but that she's able to do what school requires has more meaning to her.

I'm very happy she loves her studies.
Not all subjects are favorite, but the prospect of being a nurse makes her enjoy what she didn't like in the past.

Even the second hep-b shot didn
't bother her. Wow!


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