Saturday, October 6, 2012

Knitting is "cool"

When I was a little kid I saw my gram knitting a lot of times.
She didn't like it very much, but my uncles needed socks. And buying socks in a shop was far too expensive.

My other grandmother loved to knit. She made many cardigans and in the sixties she even knitted me dresses. She made socks for almost all th members of the extended family and a lot more. She even knitted little bunnies for the yearly auction at the old people's home, a place where she never wanted to be.

My mother was able to knit and when we were small she knitted quite a lot of clothes. Among them a cardigan with a scandinavic design I particularly liked.

So it was a kind of tradition to learn knitting myself.
I was taught the basics and I took it from there, making the most difficult designs and loving it to bits. Along with crochet.

My children had lots of knitted clothes, made by me, with love.
But when they grew up, knitted clothes got out of fashion and only the knitted cardigans and winterhats remained.
Machine knitted stuff is cheap, so why knit myself?

I saw that this year knitted wear is in fashion again.
The same dresses... the same over the knee socks.

And today, much to my surprise, my daughter asked me to knit her some clothes.

Knitting is "cool", she said.


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