Saturday, October 6, 2012

I saw her!

It has been very busy at the paper, but student-a is doing very well.
She's learning a lot about the paper, is practising her writing with lots of dedication, all within her abilities.

Student-b called in ill this wednesday.
That means, I mailed her if she still wanted to spend time at the office and she replied too late. Said she was ill and reported it to school.
Well, either she's sloppy or doesn't know the rules. She needs to call or mail the paper in time in the morning. Not during coffeetime.

Still, I was a bit worried about her. It must be nerve-wrecking when you're expected at a place and you're ill the first day, I thought.

Today I was walking home, a bit earlier than usual.

She walked at the same pavement.

I saw her!
At a time she should be at the office.

I haven't had a reply on my email yet.
How do I get rid of that nagging feeling she's partying somewhere?



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