Monday, October 29, 2012

He used a retractable knife

I've always tried to keep the small kids away from knives. I always thought there was plenty of time to learn how to use them when they were older.

Ofcourse I was right.

Even better: now we've got a retractable knife to open up boxes and do all the other things that need a very sharp knife.

My autistic son has an inbuilt fear for knives and scissors.
With the knife retracted i could teach him how to use it and diminish his fear of holding it.

A few days ago he got a package in the mail and as I wasn't at home, he needed to open it himself or wait until someone else was at home.
He took the knife and used it properly.

Ofcourse he was very proud. I was just happy he had all his fingers attached to his always.


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