Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling with a chair

When the children were small, and even now, it was strictly forbidden to balance on two legs of a chair.
I know all kids love to do it, and even grown-ups love to balance and feel the excitement of not falling. Probably because they never fell.
But the risk involved is too much for my conscience.

The children didn't like the strict rule, untill the saw what happened with a classmate.
He was warned numerous times not to balance, but he ignored the teacher. And maybe she ignored him after so any warnings.

He fell flat on his back with the chair.

Hitting his head on the table behind him, hitting his back on the chair and hitting his shoulder on the bag of his fellow student.

The ambulance was called, his first aid consisted of keeping him lying there exactly as he fell, and all the pupils around him got a good lesson of first aid after a nasty fall: leave him alone, talk nice and wait until the paramedics arrive.

They did. The teacher got a huge compliment, and the boy was aching when he was put on the stretcher.
Hundreds of eyes followed him when he was brought to the ambulance and rushed off.

He had a contusion, broken shoulder (he didn't hit only the bag, but also the horizontal stand of the table behind him), and he had to lay down for 6 weeks to prevent lasting damage on his spine.

My kids took this lesson to heart, but many others simply forgot what happened after the boy came back to school.

No balancing with a chair will be a rule at their home too.



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