Saturday, October 6, 2012

A traditional present in fashion again

Finding a nice present isn't a problem when you know what kind of fragrance the person who should receive it likes.

In the past people always welcomed a nice candle, with or without a bottle of wine or a plate with a few kinds of cheeces.

I thought people who live now wouldn't be as happy as those in the past, but I was wrong.

A friend who needed to buy a present within 15 minutes was very stressed. Her boss wanted her to be at the office in time, so she had not enough time to go shopping.
I told her to look online for lafco candles. And so she did.

A few days later she was able to take the candles with her to the party and to hand them over.
They were accepted graciously and put on a table. The visitors smelled the candles and uttered loads of nice comments. Some even asked my friend where she bought them.

So these caldles are in fashion again.
Isn't that nice?


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