Friday, October 19, 2012

A gold chain

Those who know me well know I love pocket watches.
I collect them, but to be honest: I don't have any of real value.

But most of them have emotional value.

One of them has a blue enameled top and very nice crled hands inside, with nicely callygraphed letters and cyphers.
It doesn't have a chain, which is a pity.

So I started to look for one, which matched the enamel and the golden line on it.
But I couldn't find anything in the shops nearby.

Discussing the matter with the kids resulted in the question why I wouldn't opt for a gold chain.

It appeals to me to have something of real value, which keeps the value, even during the recession and the time after it.
It's so nice to have something timeless in the family.
Maybe we can replace the pocket watch by a valuable one in due time.

A plain gold chain cabn always be a part of a fashionable outfit.
It would even match my scottish costume very well.

Oh dear...I've made the decision already, haven't I?



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