Monday, September 10, 2012

This one

Tutoring this student is completely different from tutoring people who are more focussed to learn than focussed to proof knowledge.
Maybe she wants to proof wisdom too, but I didn't see that yet.

She's trying so very hard.
We were at a special event with journalists and when an interview started she turned to me and in a loud voice she started to give her opinion. I hushed her to silence.

She's giving her opinion all the time and I'm glad I've dealt with people like this before, otherwise I would have slipped into a depression because she makes people feel stupid.

Because of her need to throw her opinion on every word she hears is so enormously big, there is no normal conversation.
It also slows down the work I want to do every day.

She has an issue with planning.
But I feel she needs to step out of herself and look around.
It will be quite a challenge to make her aware of what she needs to be aware of and leave behind what can get lost.

So tutoring at the moment is very energy consuming.


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