Friday, September 21, 2012

New chairs needed

One of the churches in town is restaurated and modernised.
Now they're selling a lot of furniture and because we need some chairs at the office, we applied for a number.
According to number people are allowed to look around and make a choice.
That way the area won't be overcrowded and everyone has an aqual chance to make a choice, not only the rich people.

I was discussing it, trying to get someone to drive with a few chairs. He pointed out that maybe I shouldn't go and just order premium custom made church seating.
As he knew a few more people needing new furniture, we could apply for a large amount and get the discount, then take our own number of chairs and be happy.

I think it was a great idea.
The chairs we now have are not very stable anymore, even though they haven't been used much.
Church chairs are made for frequent use and are very comfortable.

So now my friend is making a list to estimate how many chairs are needed and he will order them and even distribute them.

Isn't it great to have an assistant like that?


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