Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out

1. When did you last feel down and out?

Yesterday, for a bit.
Too much pain. That says it all.
I always keep my smiles up and running when the kids are around, though.

2. What do you do to feel sexy?

A bit of make-up and nice trousers and blouse.

3. Do you think people think you are normal?

Haha...ask them!!

4. What have you always wanted to do?

Go to basecamp at the Everest.

5. What do you appreciate the most about your life at this time?

That I can use my experience to teach people.

6. If you could be somewhere else, where would you be and why?

Scotland or at another place near the ocean at the UK, because I feel that I should go there and be old there.

7. Have you ever made a fool of yourself? If yes, spill.

Noop, I won't tell you.

8. How often do you feel guilty?

I think guilt is like anger a useless emotion.
I always try to do things as good as I can, so guilt should not be part of my life.

9. Give us an example of what you’ve done when feeling low self-esteem.

Tell myself to do what I need to do and review it afterwards.

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