Monday, October 1, 2012

Music needs to be a personal experience

The past week we've been surprised by someone in the neighbourhood playing bass guitar... loud!
He was clearly a beginner. One could notice that in seconds.

Our walls are not very thin, so he was playing very loud. So loud I considered to get my highland bagpipes and surprise him with even a louder noice. Problem is I play better and people sometimes ask me to bagpipe a bit more, whereas I think I should keep the level of the noise low now we have three babies in this street of the neighbourhood alone.

We were talking about making noise when I remembered the in ear monitors at musicians friend.
She uses in ear listening for almost everything and has inspired my son to use a scan radio with earplugs. So maybe she can use her social skills on this mutual neighnour who clearly has musical aspirations.

Making music is so easy nowadays.
Lots of instruments have electronic devices to listen without noise for the people around, for recording and even for mixing different channels.

There are "silent" electronic bagpipes too.
I would love to have one, but they're about 300 dollars, so a bit too expensive for me at the moment.

So I plan my musical escapades very well, and I use the smallpipes that make less noise.
Maybe I should ask my neighbour if I can join him and sing along with his guitar.

What do you think?



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