Monday, September 17, 2012

Lots of music on one device

The last week I came across so many former music friends that I start to think there's a hidden meaning in it.
There are only two people left to see. One of them used to play the guitar. he was able to sing well, but he thought he couldn't.
The other plays the piano so very well that some of his performences still sound in my ears.

We didn't record anything.
Maybe someone from the school management team did, or some sound recorder of university. But nothing more recent.

Meeting again and having fun making music would now include a boss micro br musicians friend.
Ofcourse it can do more than recording alone, but a piano alone would suffice to create a mini-concert for the people around us.

I would love to own a device like that even when I won't see my friends again.
Being able to practice music at times when others sleep, recording a few tracks and work on them to create a balanced sound is a dream come true.

But imagine, just imagine meeting my music friends and recording our songs.
Wouldn't that be great?


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