Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting used to schoolweek

This week the balletlessons started for the girls, so for the first time this schoolyear we're dealing with a full schoolweek.

The week started out with rather nice weather, so we still had some vacationfeeling left, but yesterday it was dark and rainy and it had all gone.

At ballet it's open door week, so the training is not harsh yet.
But we were confronted with lesser applications for some of the lessons, meaning a shift of hours.
yesterday it was the opposite. Lots of girls subscribed who had never danced, so my girl was adviced to move classes to a higher level. It means dancing with older dancers and later times.

It's not a bad thing, because she can make homework in between and she can use the office to do so. It's warm there and quiet, so I think making homework will be more efficient there and she won't go to bed too late.

Next week her formal training will start, leading to the audition of the balletacademy in spring.
Please keep your fingers crossed.



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