Monday, September 17, 2012

Finally, the sea.

I went to the sea yesterday.

One of the girls had to be at a climbing center in Amsterdam to take part in an event for siblings of handicapped kids. We had to bring her and fetch her.

So when the climbing hall event was taking place we went to the beach and as hubby sat down at a bench, I took a very long walk with my feet in the water and enjoyed it to bits.

No racing cars at the circuit, no noise. Just the fun of being there and listening to the sea.
It was great.

I really needed some time for myself.
Knowing someone was waiting and the girl needed to be fetched in time wasn't a good feeling. It made me limit the distance I wanted to walk.
But being there and enjoying it was great.

We went into the small town and bought a small buddha.
He has a glass ball at his feet, and the ball should balance on a small fountain.
We tried out the ball and the light, and it was fine.
I haven't tried the fountain yet.

I'm always telling the kids to use a sunlotion, but I to use it myself... Haha, I forgot.
So now my head looks as red as a tomato.

But my daughter had a good time.
She wants to go on climbing as she did part of her license that day. With ease.



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