Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another one

To my surprise I got a mail last week from someone I didn't know at all.
She applied for a practice place at the paper.

Yesterday she was invited for a first talk.
It went well.
She seems to have more work experience than the other girl, and at a slightly different area.
I think she can assist one of the people who does a lot for the paper, but who always complaints he is overworked and needs to have assistance.
When I offered assistance it was rejected and he immediately went into a power game.
Maybe a student will be accepted more.

I got the impression she's very efficient so I feel she's heaven-sent.

This week we've got the official paperwork with the certificate to show we're a teaching business.

I feel very happy we've got it, because it states we're doing our work well.
Ehh...correction: I'm doing it well.

We still need about 2000 euros to make the business sound again.
Wish a good fairy would come along and spray a bit of magic dust on our financial account. LOL!

But then again...fairydust might not do the trick. LOL!



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