Monday, August 20, 2012


It was tropical this weekend.
I didn't like it at all.
It was too hot, too humid and too uncomfortable.

We wanted to go to the beach with the girls on saturday, but didn't go, as it was too much and too far to travel.

Turned a good decision I saw on the webcam. It was terribly crowded.

On sunday we wanted to go to a very special market. A place for the girls to utter lots of oohs and ahhs because of the choice of....clothes.
But again the weather was far too much to take and we stayed at home, ate icecreams and had enough fun.

I've never been to a sauna, but now I understand how it feels.
The sweating is good for the skin, but that's it.

This vacation has been a lot more relaxing than the one of last year, but we wanted to go to a few more places and have a few more daytrips. We enjoyed the Olympic Games on TV so much. Many days we spend the day with almost all of us, bening enthousiastic for the atletes and cheering as much as we had been there.

So we're content with it all, and that's it.

Hopefully next year will be a lot better, though.


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