Friday, August 24, 2012

The final year

Again this family started a last year.
One of the girls is taking her final exams.

She's dyslectic and has to work very hard, especially as she's training for the dance academy.
Last year the teachers asked school to permit her to skip gymnastics. Too many accidents happen at that school, and my daughter has a toe that is injured in rather a bad way and it could have been prevented by a more present teacher, so the balletteachers wanted her far away from that.

This year I had to apply for this again.

She was a bit nervous, as last year they wanted her to write a paper and she'd put a lot of effort in it and didn't even get the result.

But this year she heard that she had done so very well, they thought it best not to give her an extra assignment. Wow!

She's very happy ballet will start again in a few weeks.
Yesterday afternoon I heard her practicing in her room.

Deep in my heart I wish her to be admitted at a foreign/UK ballet academy.
With the recession here they're cutting back such h a lot on training and education....

So anyone reading this and in a position to make a change in someone's life...


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