Friday, August 10, 2012

The best defense

We've got two girls at an age that they bicycle through town later in the evening and during darkness in the winter and I worry about their safety.

Most of the time we're able to arrange something, like their brother fetching them by car, or another one bicycling with them.

When they come from balletlessons sometimes a mother takes them with her and her daughter, so that's safe too. In return we take their daughters with us too.

Going by bus is not an option. The waitingtime at the Central Station is 30 minutes in the evening. Far too long.

Some parents say we have to give them more freedom and a mobile phone.
Our girls don't think we're limiting their freedom at all. They can go anywhere they want as long as they take care of their safety.
Like us they laugh when parents say a phone is a sufficient guarantee.
'When a rapist attacks, just ask him to wait for a bit and call mom and dad to ask if it's permitted, or ask him to wait untill the emergency services are called."
That says enough, doesn't it?

In the rare circumstances that one of them needs to go and can't find someone to accompany her, we think safety-measurements should be taken.
It's important to have something that surprises an attacker and takes care of him in such a way that the action doesn't bounce back and hurts our daughter.

I think a defense spray is the best option, if it's allowed by law.
Pepperspray is best, but it's not legal everywhere.

I wonder if it's forbidden to carry an empty can and threaten with it.
The best sprays are decorated in such a way that they can easily recognised and most people are informed well enough to fear the effects.
Well, the kids always have hairspray with them. It smells so bad that they won't use it for themselves. It's breathtaking.
They've trained themselves to call: "pepperspray, pepperspray", so people who will be confronted with the can will get the freight of their lives.
We hope...



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