Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tanning as in airbrushing

A while ago we were watching one of those TV series about young kids dressed like grown ups going to contests all over the USA. How are those events called? Beauty pageants?

I was utterly amazed when I saw those young children were put in a kind of cabin and where sprayed with something to give them a tan on their whole body.
They were airbrushed all over!

I learned a lot.
I didn't know that it makes a difference where you are sprayed.
I can understand that a cheap tan lotion can cause problems when not evenly applied and evenly rubbed in, but I thought spraying is spraying.

Now I know that at a lot of information can be found about tanning and tanning equipment.
They've got so many tanning lotions in such beautiful bottles that I'd probably pick the bottle I like most. But ofcourse they can provide good information when you want to make a more responsible choice.


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