Friday, August 17, 2012


Our summervacation wasn't very exciting, so we decided to do a couple of things for the girls this weekend.

On saturday they wanted to go shopping in a nice town in the west of the country, followed by a visit to the beach. Great idea, we thought.

On sunday they first wanted to meet with the group of girls they practice ballet with every sunday, but when their brother suggested to go to a huge shopping area in the southwest of the country they cancelled their plans and told their brother they would love to go.

We didn't know which weather to expect.

I know now!!!

Tropical weather. 32 degrees celcius!! MWhich means a couple of degrees more at the area we want to go.
I told the girls and they had a good laugh between them. Then turned to me and told me it was time for those discount rayban sunglasses they have on their wishlist.
Haha! How clever!

In a way they are right.
Sunglasses without UV protection are even more dangerous than not wearing glasses, because the pupils are more open en UV light can cause more harm.
Good sunglasses protect the eyes against dangerous UV light.

I didn't make promisses, but....


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