Saturday, August 11, 2012

Preparing for ballet

friday next week one of the girls has to fetch her books at school, which means the vacation is over.
We realised this with a shock.
This has been such a strange summer, due to the weather, the olympics and maybe even the positive results of the final exams of the other girl.

Well. we started preparations for the next schoolyear.
As it's just over half a year towards the important auditions for the ballet academy we had a good talk about what to do and ended up in the balletshop in town.

It was early in the morning and the sounds were special as the sounds in large cities are early in the morning.
This time the shopowner didn't try to sell stuff that didn't fit.
She greeted me like old balletcollegues greet each other, so I gues the gossipcircle has closed. LOL! In the end we former balletdancers know each other quite well, but faces have changed. And body sizes. LOL!

My daughter bought her pointes and balletwear. She found nice suits in the sales corner and her sister found one too.

So we had suits for 50%, pointes with a 10% discount and when the final bill was made we got another 5% on it.
Can't tell you how happy we were!!

Now we have to find two laptops. 2!!!!


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