Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's a disgrace there such a lack of interest by the media for the paralympics.

I for myself think the paralympics are a lot more inspiring and should receive a lot more attention.
Yes, sometimes I look with big tears in my eyes when I realise how much those sporters have overcome to start in London. And maybe they're not as fast as the olympic sporters, but their efforts are not less at all.

They're rolemodels for the youth far more than the olympic sporters.
Most of them don't receive grants and don't have special sport facilities.
They've struggled their ways to the top nevertheless.

I saw people were shocked when it was said that some countries only could send atletes to the paralympics because their soldiers had been injured due to UN army duties. They still have the muscles strentgh of well trained soldiers, but they won't be present at the next paralympics, because in no way they would be able to keep the strength.

The media claim they consider all people equal, but I think they're only referring to earning money from subscriptions.
Otherwise the paralympics would get as much time on TV and in the other media as the olympics.


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