Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ordering schoolbooks

This year we're still lucky, because the schoolbooks of one of the girls are free.
No need ordering them. She just has to fetch them tomorrow and take good care of them during the year.

The other girls had a long list for nursing school.
One of the books costs more than 100 dollars!

I first tried to get them second hand by looking at the most wellknown second hand places at internet.

Then I suddenly realised that one of the main online bookstores started a second hand department this summer. Time to have a good look!

I did.
They only had 5 of the long list, but they had them well.
I saved more than 128 Euros on 5, yes five, books.
Isn't that marvellous!

Well, she needed more books. For over 500 Euros, to be precise.
And a laptop.

In the meantime we've received the second hand books.
People have to send them themselves, Only new books are send by the store.
They were all well wrapped, and to our surprise in perfect condition.
That was a very nice discovery.

We had to order some other books at another online store.
Just got a mail that it will take at least 3 more days to pick them, and more time to send them.

So when I save 36 Euro on a book I get perfect service, including the book on the doormat within 3 days, and when I order at a specialty store I have to wait way past the schoolyear has begun.




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