Thursday, August 30, 2012

No way!

No way I want to go through this again.
This refers to the way the paper is made.

All agreed the process should be changed and be more efficient.
They wanted me to guide them through the process and I was willing to do so but only if I had full cooperation.

Well, imagine.
The deadline was shifted forward two ro three times. I don't want to think about that anymore. It was done by one member of the board, who has no only say in this, and a secretary. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was done because that board member wants to review and rewrite everything, and he didn't have the time because he wanted to take part in a 100km walk in Belgium.
The week before he was mentally preparing himself, the week after he was tired.

Well, I worked through a whole night to get all articles reviewed and corrected in time and it was just ignored by him.

A lot more happened, but I don't want to go through the effort of typing it down.

When I think about it I'm furious!!!

So I told them to evaluate the whole lot the way they want and inform me if they want to change or kill the paper.

Someone told me the name of the former local paper becomes free and freed of copyright and legal name-issues next year.

The same person adviced me to go on with my work under that name, with my own team.
I feel like doing that. A lot!!

But maybe it's time then to make the big move and get my own little cottage.
Have to win the lottery first. LOL!



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