Friday, August 17, 2012


Yesterday the girls and I wanted to go for a walk.
It was so warm in the house and so humid everywhere. It was almost unbearable.

We asked around who wanted to go with us.
My autistic son takes a stroll every day, but he didn't want to go with us because he already did his thing and it was dark.
He doesn't like walking in the dark, because dogowners set their dogs free near the lake and my son is afraid one might bite his trousers and him.

The others were busy, so we took our lights and wanted to leave.
As a large thundercloud was approaching we decided to take the front door instead of the back door. The last one leads to the gardenpath under one of the largest trees of the neighbourhood and I never want my kids to be in danger when it can be prevented.

The thunder sounded very far away, but in the corner that produces the worst and longest thundershowers.
So we took our umbrellas and opened the door.

A slight drizzle welcomed us.
Not bad, however, so we decided to go for that walk anyway.

We closed the door and walked down the gardenpath enjoying the lavendersmell.
In front of the garden we looked up, because we wanted to see more falling stars as we enjoyed them the evenings before.

A huge lightning jumped through the sky from the utter right to the utter left.
It was huge!!!

We went inside.



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