Saturday, August 11, 2012

He wants to move too!

So my daughter started her preparations for her balletclasses.
Her new pointes need to fit well and that can only be when they are used well.
The floor of her bedroom is perfect to exercise.
She uses the bunkbed as a firm hold, so she positions her feet well.
It's nice to hear her busy.
The music made even me go through the moves again.
I might not be an example of utter grace anymore, but I still know it all.

The funny thing is that even our autistic son feels inspired by the music and today he said he started using his Wii again.
But, he told us, he was a bit bored with the games he already has. He wanted the zumba work out. I was truly amazed, but when he said he'd spoken the girls and they together could have a daily work out, I understood his wishes.

He's kind of lazy, but he values company.
I'm sure the girls love the zumba moves and have told him just what he wanted to hear.
I bet they have been dreaming about a zumba party.
Well, I don't mind something like that.
Let's have fun moving!


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