Friday, August 17, 2012


58 years old and paralysed from the chin down.
Tony Nicklinson suffered a stroke in 2005 and his active life ended.
He is able to communicate by blinking his eyes.
His body is his prison.

Because he experiences his life as a nightmare, he asked for euthanasia.
He can't take fatal medication himself, so someone has to help him.
None dares to do so, because the britisch laws are unable to distinguish between pure murder and mercyfully granting death to a person who has no functioning body anymore.

Tony wanted a judge to take the decision, but he is ordered to live.
The judge stated it was not up to him, but up to the politicians to change the law.
Isn't it strange a country allows vets to inject a poison into an animal to end suffering, allows hunters to shoot animals that are hit but are not yet dead, but won't grant the right to make the decision to die to a man who is suffering every single minute in a body he can't control at all?

His feet are terribly swollen, because he's not able to move the muscles to get proper circulation in his lower extremities. He has to be tube fed, and endure indignified procedures to be kept alive. He can't even whipe his own bottom.
When age progresses, the deterioration of his body will progress too.

He used to be an active guy, handsome too, who experienced the joy of skydiving and who was an active father to his two children. He enjoyed life.

Now he can only smile with partially moving muscles in his face. He can't even hold his own head straight up.

Judges can't keep him from stopping doctors to treat him when he's terminally ill. So he can starve himself to death, which is inhumane. According to the law he has the right not to accept treatment and die a terrible death.
So he has the right to make the choice for death.
But not the choice for a dignified death.

So he has to live on in a body that's like death already as it doesn't serve Tony anymore.
I wonder what the doctors and the law would say if he applied for plastic surgery.



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