Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Enjoying the Olympics

I'm enjoying the Olympics very, very much.
Wish I had a place to stay. I would go to London immediately.

The presenters on TV started again to moan about winning silver in words like: we lost gold.
There were a lot of comments on that on Twitter and other social media and now it's much more pleasant to watch the Dutch TV.
Ofcourse those sportspeople want to win gold.
And ofcourse they do their utter best to get it.
But they compete with the best and one can't always win.

So winning a medal is always winning.

The presenters are a lot more positive now. Listening to what the sporters say.
And most are completely happpy with what they have done, even if that meant no medal.
The Olympics is not only about competing with others, but also about competing with yourself.

I'm very proud of the people who are at the olympics.
Sometimes I even forget from which country they are, because watching them is so interesting.

Thanks a lot!!

Thanks thanks all!



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