Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A while ago I took part in the breastcancerscreening.
After two weeks the repacing family physician called that an abnormaility was detected.
It sounds nicer in english than in Dutch. She sounded a bit panicky.

Well, I couldn't belief something was seriously wrong, but one never knows.

My visit to the hospital to have it checked, followed a week later.

Nothing serious turned up on the x-ray and echo, but the way I was treated by the staff upstairs was a complete disgrace.

Instead of being happy that I didn't have cancer I felt overpowered by unkindness.

Well, I can deal with that too, but it made clear that a lot needs to be done to improve care and I have pinpointed some issues that save a lot of money and are more womanfriendly.

I wanted to go home and said the results could be send to the familyphysician. Like in the old days.
The radiologist already gave me the results, so why wait for someone else to do it officially and have a physical exam for nothing?

But the staff wanted me to follow protocol... for their sake!

I'm not an egoistic person, but this time I felt that I needed to make a choice for myself and not for them.
I wanted to go home.
The nurse who needed to be my support when something had been wrong was very unkind.
Tried to act like the angry mother to force me to stay. You should have seen her face! Well, kindness would have worked, but not thàt.
She finally gave up.

The surgeon heard from it all and decided to be sure I knew nothing was wrong and phoned my doctor. Nice guy.



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