Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Becoming a nurse

One of the girls started her nurse´s career with nursing school this week.
Not all the books were in, so she and I mailed around.
One of the people who provided second hand books (we had to buy second hand books, because they need for over 800 euro only for books), so one of those seocond hand providers didn't live up to the rules of sending books immediately after they were ordered.
We used an organisation, so we could rely on a good system. The woman said she had more important things to do. !!!
The book arrived the next day, so we were very surprised. Either she lived nearby or the postal services got nuts. Might have been the tropical temparatures.

Our daughter enjoyed her first day.
I'm so glad she did!

One of my sons studies in the same building and he hated it, because there was too much glass and too much distraction.
But she loves it.

Het schdule will be quite irregular, so it's keeping a close watch on times again. I've got a big agenda. ;)


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