Friday, August 17, 2012

Backpacks with a logo

I would love to have customized backpacks for the journalists and photographers of the paper.
One of my sons works for the local news and TV station and they've got jackets with the logo of the station on the back.
Recognisability is great, but there are circumstances it's better people don't realise you're a journalist.
Sometimes people tell me more when they think I'm just interested.

A promotional backpack would give information at the moment I want to and when I don't want people to see the logo I can put the backpack under my chair, or put a cardigan over it.
Clever use of a promotional backpack means unconsciously branding the logo in the mind of the observer.
When people see a logo often enough in pleasant cirsumstances, they'll be more positive towards someone who carries the logo than towards someone who is neutral to them.

My son has a very high quality backpack which allows him to carry his laptop with him all the time. It keeps it dry and safe.
Would be something for me.... when I finally get the notebook I dream about.


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