Thursday, August 30, 2012

A step forward... tutoring

A while ago someone aaplied for a pace at the paper to get practice in different jobs that are done at a paper.
I applied for official status of teaching business.

Yesterday I had a meeting with the person who had to make the decision.
First he was an hour late due to traffic and other circumstances.

Then his first remark was that it was not save to have an inroom archive.
I told him that we had a visit of the firefighters to review the building and that it was considered safe enough as it was on the back wall and there was no need to pass it on the way out, ever. And we were going to change it anyway.

Then we sat down, had a good talk.
He was surprised we run on volunteers and on a zero budget, with only advertisers and sponsors.

He had some nasty questions... like what are you going to do. I told him that first I wanted the student to make a list of what the school requests, adding her own goals, and that that would be the basis for a good working plan.
he smiled.
Turned out I'm the first in a couple of years starting with a proper plan.

It also was a good think I've done student tutoring at university.

So within a few minutes we were done: got the status of teaching business!!!
I was so happy!

And he was happy when I said I could take on two more students, starting next tuesday.

I'll concentrate on the online paper and the students.
I think all those who failed to give their best during the making of the last paper will see how easy some tasks come for those who really want to do them.

Maybe there will be a big clean the next months without me having to tell people to leave.

And maybe doing this well means a paid job next year at another firm.
Hope so.



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