Friday, August 10, 2012

A place to live -- filling files

This week i went with my autistic son to, what might be, his new home.
He really wants to go there, so he even agreed to go by bus. Wow!

We were introdoced to the second home-leader, a very nice and cheerful lady who was very pregnant. She was accompanied by a very nice student.

We made a list of what my son still has to learn, what he might be able to manage on his own but what needs to be supervised and which things he thinks he can do all alone.
I think it was a quite positive image which was createdm as he doesn't do a lot of those things at home.

But with the other boys I've been surprised, so let's see what happens.
People can do miracles with themselves, so let's hope he's one of them.
Otherwise they ask for a new indication, as it's called and with that he can move to a more assisted living facility.

I'm very happy with this, but I'm worried about the paperwork.

We've been in the system for 6 months already and nothing happened due to a mistake of the case manager.
Now things are moving again the psychiatrist wants to go through the diagnostic process again. Completely!!

As changed to the system will be indtruduced at jan 1, we have to move him into the home before dec 31.

I wonder if we'll manage.

Still so many files to fill...



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