Friday, August 3, 2012

A lot to do

I'm working hard to get the new edition of the printed paper ready for printing.
We've rearranged the office and after initial complaints, everybody agrees it's better than it was.

As we work with a zero budget it's annoying that furniture grows old and breaks down.

I was able to get a desk and office chair, but when I was about to fetch it the guy said he had given it to someone else.
I was very annoyed.
It's not the way I deal with people and I don't expect others to deal with me that way.

I wanted to interview people, but the whole toen seems to be somewhere else on vacation.

No problem though, it's a special for students and those years are still rather fresh on my mind.

The weather is terrible, with now and then a nice day in between.
We've had a ot of rain...oh and rain...

So plenty of time to write and think.


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