Monday, July 23, 2012

Wine making

During our university years we used to make our own wine.
Not with one of those wine making kits one can buy today, which guarantee a good wine producing process, but with materials we created ourselves or found at second hand shops and old farms.

We had a few large bottles, found at two farms. The filters and waterstops were constructed from materials we got for free. Some of the throw-away department of the university. We useed to go there to see if someone wanted to throw away something and we could use. During our student years we managed to get proper furniture that was done away because the colour of the office changed from blue to green. It was perfect!

But back to wine making.
We did it at a kitchen of a student house.
The bottles stayed there with a mixture of fruit, sugar and a few other additions, and one could hear the gasses plop out through the waterstop.

When the brew was ready it needed to be filtered.
That was my job.
I didn't like it, because one could get drunk from the alcohol that filled the space.
Others liked me to do it because I did it quick and efficiently and not too much alcohol evaporated.

After filtering the whole stuff got some extra time to "plop" and then the filtering process was done again and the wine was bottled.

Three weeks later we would have a party with lots of food and fresh wine.
I always waited to drink from it until a few days later when the others had their headaches or not.
Only in the last case I would have a few sips.

I remember one year that a lecturer of the university joined the party.
He particularly liked the red wine and he ordered a lot of bottles.
We didn't have such a lot.
The we asked what he wanted to pay for them: 30 gulden!
That was a lot of money.
We sold all we had and were able to buy all our studybooks for the next year at once.

Wine making is a great experience and I hope everyone will at least once have a go at it.
It's worth the effort.



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