Monday, July 23, 2012

Wholesale jewelry

My daughter finished her vacation job and enjoyed her weekend very much.
She made lots of plans, like changing her room, having a day at the swimmingpool and listening to music and making bracelets.

She's very creative and she needs to express herself one way or another.
Ballet is her all time favorite and next year she's going to audition for the dance academy, but creating nice things with beads is a good second.

She orders her accessories and beads online.
Have a look at wholesale jewelry at bajulimports and you'll understand why.

Most of the time she invests her own money, but once in a while we pay the bill, to stimulate her and to express how we feel about such a lovely hobby.
ost of the time she gives her creations away to people who celebrate their birthday, and last week she made a special one with shoes for someone who was walking the four days marches here in town.

I said that maybe she could even make a small living out of her creativity. But she's so kindhearted she rather gives the bracelets to people who feel happy with them as a gift.

Isn't that great?


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