Friday, July 13, 2012

A visit to...

Yesterday I went to the doctor after more than a month of terrible itching at my back. It was at just one spot.
I noticed something was growing there.
Even though I'm not keen of sunbathing I thought it best to have him check it.

And it was time he took again a look at the hip, which causes pain every day now.

We know each other for over 25 years now.
I hardly ever visit him for myself, so he had a good laugh when I told him I had an itch at my back and needed him for it.

When he looked he started to talk about cancer risk.
I know the stuff and he knows I know it.

At my father's side all of my father's generation died of cancer, at my mother's side the women died of uterus cancer, the men of heartproblems.
(Don't worry, my utures went out when the girls were two).
So I know the drill, I know the risks and to be honest, I've learned to deal with it and I don't care a lot. I'm careful, but I'm not emotionally attached to the idea that cancer might be my killer.
An niece of my gram, an old aunt, was very afraid of dying of cancer. Well, she ran under a car. The fatal way.
So when my time arrives, it'll be there anyway.

So we decided to freeze the growth.
Luckily I didn't feel the pain.
They freeze it at the hospital too. Don't even look properly, so this was even better.

But we decided to make an x-ray of the hip, to be at the safe side.



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