Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation job

My daughter had a vacation job for three weeks.
She expected quite a lot of it, but it turned out a lot less.

The group she worked with was OK and she enjoyed the social aspects of the job.
But the boss was not the boss anyone would want.
She had a temper and couldn't withhold it from her co-workers, she didn't know what needed to be done, so sometimes she gave the wrong instructions. She didn't oversee the job activities well, so the kids had to unpack things and redo them. And even though their hours were agreed on, she would send them home early when the works wasn't done, so she could get home early too. But my daughter made less hours that way and got less pay.
I informed the organisation and they had a good talk with the boss, resulting in three hours friendlyness and sticking to working times. Then she shed her nice attitude and fell back on het "normal" behaviour.

Well, my daughter accepted it the way it is. We talked about it and she said she had a good look now on working conditions there. Next time she would be more picky about a vacation jobm, because it should be a bit nices. She's not against working very hard, but she's against people burdening others with their attitude.

Well, she's at home now.
Slept in for a few days and feels very energetic.
She has not earned what she wanted, so she's considering working at a shop.
I think she should enjoy the few weeks she has left before her final year at school starts with the exams.



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