Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympic Games

One of the friends of my girls is preparing for the next olympics.
She's very focussed and she probably will compete there with good results.

But first the London Olympics take place.
The excitement can be felt on TV, on radio and everywhere.
Even here among people who have no plans to go.

It's a pity not to go though as London is not as far away as Chine and the USA.
In fact, I looked it up, it's 104 euro to and fro with the train and boat. Taking the train here and arrive by train in London.
I think it's a bit more exensive than usual. because of the Olympics, but that's it.

Yesterday we were in Germany and one of our sons visited a large food chain to collect a new glass for his collection.
He had to wait a bit (got compensated with bubbly tea) because the peope there were saying goodbye to a few english speaking collegues who were going to work at the London shops of the restaurant chain.
They were so very excited!

One of my sons, the security guard, was excited too.
He applied for a job at the wellknown jobcenter and got nothing in return.
A letter that went to a friend in the same town arrived, so we can assume his application was received. He already arranged a sleeping place.
Well, he's going to watch the games with me here at home.
Isn't that a pity?

It's interesting to know if more foreign security guards with a dipoma didn't get a reaction.
Or did they intend to use the army anyway?
It's a question that bugs my mind since I heard about all the security measurements.

I hope all the money is spend for nothing, because sports should be safe at all time.
It's not politics, even though some want to use them for their own goals.

I'm going to watch, and if necessary plan the meetings I need to attend around the things I want to see.
I love the atletic items, diving, and such.
I don't know why, but real teamsports are not my thing.

How about you?
What do you like most?



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