Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer at it's best or...

Today the temperature was very high, as was the humidity.
Not a good combination.

I had to use suncream, which I don't like, because my skin feels closed and greasy.
I've got a rather pale complexion, so I needed to use something.

Luckily I have a very thin cotton blouse, and on top of cotton trousers I looked well and was dressed ad cool as possible.

But there's no escape from tropical temperatures.
Especially not in the car.
It's an old model without proper airconditioning.
I think today we could've baked an egg on the hood. So you can imagine we were fried inside. Bathing in our own juices.
With the windows open it felt cold, with the windows closed it felt like being killed.

So I was glad we were dropped off at the office and I could change my clothes into something as cotton as the blouse before. But clean and dry.

Because we were early we took a walk through the citycenter, having a look at all the new buildingsites.
Oh, they don't look like an improvement at all.
When we arrived in the old part of town I really enjoyed the old buildings I know so well and the cool breeze coming from the river.
It made me feel a lot better.

When we came back from the meeting we heard one of our sons had been to visit and he went home feeling unwell too.
Luckily he started to feel better when the temperature dropped.

Tomorrow will be even worse.
But there's no need to go by car, so we'll survive.




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