Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quick work

Yesterday evening I was chatting on twitter with a friend when I saw a tweet about a fire-alarm in town.

At about the same moment the phone rang and my son said that he made a photo and it was on it's way.
So I went to the mail and there it was.

Then a mail arrived from a friend living nearby the fire telling me about the circumstances of the fire and the person who lit it.

I even got a direct account of the arrest of the man.

Within no time I published it on the paper.
Being the first with the news again.

Quick work and good cooperation.

Today the local newspaper (one with paid journalists) wrote the police searched for the man over half an hour.
That's absolutely not true.

They were still talking with the firefighters when someone pointed out to them where the man was, and they went with two groups of policemen to the place to arrest him.
No search of half an hour at all.

Why do I find out so often people are bending the truth for their own convenience?



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