Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A place to live -- a kind of memo

Still no word from the casemanager or the home-team, so I mailed them that we wouldn't feel strange when a mail would arrive in the middle of the summerholidays as we would probably be at home. We just have a few daytrips on the agenda.

It yelled: HINT HINT!!!!

So we got a mail with data within a day.
Maybe it was planned, maybe it was just another day I caught a mistake. Dunno...don't want to know.

So the whole process moved forward at the beginning of august.

In the meantime I need to mobilise that casemanager to make an appointment with an organisation that looks with my son at what he likes best.
Will be quite a job, because he doesn't like anything they think is nice for autistic people.

I don't know who had the idea all autistic people like animals and plants, so they will be happy at a farm. My son hates dirty hands, dirty smells, and everything that moves in the wind. LOL!

So we'll see, we'll see...


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