Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A place to live -- the first step

Our autistic son is ready to make a huge step in his life.
We're ready too.

He's dealing with complicated feelings.
His sisters have reached a higher level of education now. He can't say "I'll help you", because now it's clear he can't at all.
So he overcompensates, as I see it, with giving his father lots of criticism. So in a way he tries to become the male of the family.

After quite a few talks about this he agreed it's time to manage his own little imperium instead of our large one.
So we applied for a place in protected living.

We had a long talk with the casemanager and we agreed she would make an appointment at one of the traininghouses.
As she was very clear that there was an extensive waitinglist (which was not the case as I knew from someone inside the organisation) we thought that we didn't get an appointment because of that waitinglist. Many of the houses of the organisation got a make-over so perhaps she wanted to wait until it was nearly time to move there.

After 6 months she wrote a letter stating we were unsubscribed from the organisation because of lack of reactions.
A close look into the matter revealed she had made some mistakes, including sending mail to a wrong address.
So the procedure was started again.
Including the waitinglist. Which is unfair, to my opinion.

We got our appointment two weeks ago and my son was impressed with what he saw.
It provided good motivation.

We mailed the casemanager that he was willing to make the next move and she mailed the team of the house that they can invite us for a meeting in which his needs are assessed.
That's a week ago.



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